What is it?

Syspeace provides two Global Blocklist APIs to build knowledge of the Syspeace Global Blocklist into your system or website.

Syspeace Global Blocklist Lookup API allows you to query the list to see if one or more IP addresses are included.

Syspeace Global Blocklist Data API allows you to get the worst offenders from the list.

The APIs are provided through RapidAPI, which lets you quickly start testing and integrating them.

What is the Global Blocklist?

Every day, Syspeace Server IPS software detects millions of new login attempts, determines which are a threat to the protected server, and blocks attackers accordingly.

The IP addresses of the attackers detected at multiple customers are ranked by persistence and added to our Global Blocklist.

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How do I benefit from Syspeace’s Global Blocklist APIs?

Having a list of known attackers can be helpful in many scenarios. 

With the API, you can capture the IP addresses of known attackers included in the Syspeace Global Blocklist before they can harm your system. Do this by checking the visitor’s IP address against the list during registration, sign-up, and transactions. 

It is unlikely to end up on the Global Blocklist accidentally. On the contrary, the presence rather strongly signals ill intent. This makes it suitable for use as a factor in risk/fraud analysis, IP reputation scores, and SIEM systems.

Customers of all sizes can use the Lookup and Data APIs individually or combine them to find what best fits their needs. 

Syspeace Global Blocklist Lookup

Using the Syspeace Global Blocklist Lookup service, you can check whether or not the current Global Blocklist includes specific IP addresses.

Available Plans



Including 100 lookups/day

$0.001 per each additional lookup



Including 500 lookups/day

$0.001 per each additional lookup



Including 5000 lookups/day

$0.0001 per each additional lookup

1 lookup refers to looking up one IP address (as one request or as part of a batch request), checking up to 250 IP addresses. 
50 individual requests and 1 batch request with 50 IP addresses are treated identically.

Syspeace Global Blocklist Data

Using the Syspeace Global Blocklist Data service, you can fetch the top attackers from the Global Blocklist.

Available Plans



Intended for testing the API during integration

Note: Returns test data only



Provides the top 1000 addresses from the Global Blocklist as of two weeks ago.



Provides the top 5000 addresses from the current Global Blocklist.