Sweden Aghast by Third Biggest Growth in Automated Hacking Attempts in the world

Through the 14 days prior, Sweden has witnessed how the amount of brute-force attacks has increased noticeably. According to information from Syspeace-secured Windows Servers, there was a surge of 45 percent in automated hacking attempts per server. In the world, that’s the third largest rise of brute-force attacks on Windows servers. However, there was no change in the sum total of automated hacking attempts in the whole world.

In Sweden, the sum total of attacks on Windows servers secured by Syspeace built up during the two weeks prior as 1,200 automated hacking attempts per Windows servers were recorded by Syspeace. In other words, the automated hacking attempts went up by 45 percent. The amount of brute-force attacks blocked by Syspeace in Sweden was 14,000.

There has been, for comparison purposes, a rise of the number of automated hacking attempts in Georgia and Denmark. With 310 blocked automated hacking attempts per Syspeace-secured server the past two weeks, Georgia has recorded a growth of 110 percent in comparison with the two weeks prior. In Denmark, the number has grown by 44 percent to 1,800 automated hacking attempts per Syspeace-secured server.

So far, this year there have been 1,200 brute-force attacks per Windows server secured by Syspeace in the world. The brute-force attacks have shot up by 14 percent on a year-to-year comparison. That is to say, the number of automated hacking attempts blocked by Syspeace in the world was 970,000.

The statistics is collected by Syspeace-secured Windows Servers globally. Syspeace is an intrusion-prevention software that provides affordable and easy-to-use tools for businesses to fight automated hacking attempts. Syspeace wants to make the digital world safer for firms, one server at a time. Having collected and analyzed data on automated hacking attempts since 2012, Syspeace is the world leader on the topic.

During the brute-force attack, an attacker submits many different passwords and passphrases in the system, hoping to in the end get them right. The attacker systematically inspects all possible passwords and passphrases to find the correct one.

To keep problems out and block automated hacking attempts, Syspeace offers software that safeguards businesses from IT theft, combined with outstanding customer support.